HTCE lecturers’ series, spring 2024: History and its educational relevance for overcoming tensions in current times

Gideon Boadu (RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia) & Razak Dwomoh (Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, USA): What do teachers consider as the purposes of history teaching?

Nations and institutions worldwide continue to grapple with all kinds of political, health, and socioeconomic challenges. Contemporary perspectives and cutting-edge technology have driven various attempts to address these challenges, but history holds significant value in helping address current tensions and developments. In this presentation, we revisit the purposes of history as a school subject and discourse the value it can contribute to navigating current challenges and tensions. This presentation is informed by the literature and a qualitative research that asked history teachers about what purposes they seek to achieve in their teaching of history. We analyse the findings considering recent developments in Africa and around the world and draw implications for the future of history education.

18. Juni 21 Uhr

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18. Juni 2024