HTCE lecturers’ series, spring 2024: History and its educational relevance for overcoming tensions in current times

Kent den Heyer (University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada): Are we all sophists now? A curricular reading of history education

Reading history education through curriculum theory, I explore competing paradigmatic logics undergirding history programs and teachers’ pedagogical choices. In doing so, I seek to point beyond history education’s still lingering cognitive psychology and human capital influences towards attention to the both the subject and subjectivities educators presume to teach. Presentation will cover Michael Young’s powerful knowledge, James G. Henderson’s work on education paradigms, and my own on Alan Badiou’s ontological renderings of ‘becoming subjects’ with the necessary imperative of futures thinking for any history education worthy of the name.

25.6.2024, 20 Uhr

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25. Juni 2024