Call for Papers: History teachers’ epistemic considerations: A symposium on how teachers make sense of history

October 13–14, 2022, Umeå, Sweden

This symposium seeks papers that explore both conceptual as well as empirical approaches to the issues related to epistemic considerations or beliefs that teachers of history might hold. The primary questions that the symposium seeks to address are:

1. How do teachers, and prospective teachers, reason regarding the epistemic nature of history? How do their reasoning relate to student groups and syllabi and/or philosophical considerations?

2. To what extent and in what way do teachers reasoning regarding these issues influence their teaching?

3. How do teachers interpret epistemological issues discussed in curricula and syllabi?

4. What are the implications for prospective history teacher training and for in-service training of history teachers?

We seek submissions of abstracts of no more than 300 words proposing papers that can be presented at the symposium in Umeå on October 13–14, 2022. The convenors intend to publish the papers presented at the symposium as an edited volume with a major academic publishing house.

Deadline: February 15 2022.

15. Februar 2022