HTCE lecturers’ series, spring 2024: History and its educational relevance for overcoming tensions in current times

Bjorn Wansink (Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands): Teaching to counter terrorism (TerInfo): A historicizing intervention in times of crisis and disruption

In this lecture dr. Bjorn Wansink will discuss the methods of TerInfo a platform established at Utrecht University that provides lesson materials and workshops for teachers in times of crisis and disruption. The materials and methods are based on a historicizing method and a pedagogy of hope. Over 850 primary, secondary, and vocational schools have joined the initiative. By offering factual knowledge, historical context, and pedagogical tools, TerInfo tries to increase teachers’ confidence to discuss disruptive moments in the classroom, while at the same time contributing to increasing young people’s resilience to terrorism, extremism, and radicalization.

11. Juni 2024, 20 Uhr

11. Juni 2024