HTCE lecturers’ series, spring 2024: History and its educational relevance for overcoming tensions in current times

Caitriona Ni Cassaithe (Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland), Keith Barton (Indiana Univerity Bloomington, Bloomington, USA), & Li-Ching Ho (University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, USA): Historical thinking for contemporary issues: Curriculum examples

Built on a shared understanding that awareness of history plays an important role in shaping present-day decision-making, this piece presents three theoretically-grounded curriculum examples illustrating how history education can support sophisticated reasoning about contemporary issues. Looking at migration in Singapore, the United States, and Ireland, it examines how primary and secondary sources can be used to support historical perspective-taking, careful use of evidence, and incorporation of the perspectives and experiences of diverse racial and ethnic groups. The goal of this approach is not simply to improve students’ thinking but to help them make informed decisions about present-day civic issues.

2.7.2024, 20 Uhr

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2. Juli 2024