HTCE lecturers’ series, spring 2024: History and its educational relevance for overcoming tensions in current times

Yeow-Tong Chia (The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia): East Asian perspectives on historiography and history education?

This paper explores new approaches to historiography and history thinking by examining the “Western” and East Asian perspectives on history and citizenship. While the Western approach to historiography tends to view the past as separate from the present, and citizenship as distinct from history education, East Asian conceptions emphasize a dialogic, integrated, and embodied relationship between the past and present, as well as history and citizenship, ultimately aiming towards a holistic understanding of humanity. Drawing upon Barton’s (2012) notions of humanistic education and deliberation, I suggest that amidst the tumultuous global milieu in which we find ourselves today, perhaps dialogue and deliberation are the key insights that an Asian perspective offers to enrich the history classroom.

4.6.2024 21 Uhr

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4. Juni 2024